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EC: Vision570
Hardware - Integrated HMI controllers: A full PLC with an integrated 5.7-in. flat fascia, color-touchscreen HMI. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice Award winner.
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Carthago International Solutions Inc. - Optoacoustic Gas Detectors

Alpha Systems is proud to offer Carthago International Solutions, Inc. OPTOACOUSTIC GAS DETECTORS This technology offers significant advantages over existing Catalytic Oxidation and Infrared Absorption gas detectors. Some of the advantages are sensor redundancy, immunity to humidity and temperature, higher accuracy and no need for calibration. This technology is protected under US Patent 7,213,444 B2 OptoAcoustic gas detection determines gas content via the measurement of acoustic pressure waves that are propagated as a gas is irradiated under an appropriately tuned light. A gaseous mixture sample passes through a membrane into a measurement cell, which contains an optical light source and a microphone. Incident light modulated at a specific frequency is briefly absorbed as intermolecular energy by the gas molecules and then released as translational energy, creating periodic temperature and pressure changes that generate measurable acoustic pulses. The novel dual-cell detector is comprised of two separate and identical cells that act interchangeably either as the primary gas-measurement cell or as a secondary compensation cell. The secondary cell is also used as a redundancy measure - Industry’s First Redundant Gas Detector with active sensing element plus backup sensing element - in the event of primary cell failure.

If you need hydrocarbon gas detection and want to lower your calibration and maintenance costs, please give us a call. We can help you.

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